Saturday, November 15, 2014

Craftmad October Swap Cards

These are the two cards I made for the October swap over at Craftmad (gallery here).  We had to use any of the Card Sketches that Kaye has post throughout 2014.  I really enjoyed having a starting point, I also decided that both cards would be christmas as I thought my partner could put these to use.  I figure you can't have too many Christmas cards.

I used this sketch from August:

This card I used the February sketch:

Have a great day.


  1. Love the cards! I was interested to see how you used the sketches. :)

  2. Have you seen this journal projecting for the new year? It's about documenting our faith. A Christian girlfriend sent me the link. Stephanie Ackerman also has an advent project too that reminded me of the one I began last year. Good news! My mother purchased a heater for my shed so I can go out and play in my studio. This week, however, I'm washing up seasonal clothing. Hubby dragged them out of our storage shed, so I'm pulling out the summer clothes for the winter stuff which takes up so much more room in our closets. Anyway, here's the link --

    1. Thanks a lot for the link. The journal certainly sounds interesting and I enjoyed visiting Stephanie's blog she does lovely work. How different it is to live with seasons. I forget about people bringing out different clothing, curtains etc. I live in shorts and tshirts all year and occasionally throw on a light jumper. :-) But then I would love to have all the flowers and leave colours that go with the different seasons. So glad you get to work in the studio during winter. Sounds wonderful to have a space away from the house just to craft. :-)

  3. Both fantastic cards Merry! You can NEVER have too many Christmas cards that's for sure LOL! I have about 7 so far.....LOL....!!!

    Jocelyn x


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