Saturday, May 17, 2014

Celebrating 100 years

I have the privilege this Saturday, 17th May to share in the celebrations of my husbands 'Poppa's  (grandfather) 100th birthday.  Imagine what he has witnessed in his lifetime.  Poppa, has outlived two of his three wives.  Has three kids (daughter and two sons) from what I know eight grandkids not sure how many great grandkids but I am sure I will find out later today.

Poppa and 1st wife, my husband's grandmother.

Poppa with his daughter on her wedding day.  My husband's Mum.

Poppa in the front with my husband as a baby. 
My husband's Mum sitting at Poppa's left shoulder 
 and her mother and grandparents.

This is a photo of the wedding to his second wife....affectionally referred to as 'my Mary'.

Wedding day to Bunnie, Poppa's third wife who is still with him today.

This is such a lovely photo taken only a month ago of Poppa being fed by his daughter.

Happy 100th Birthday Poppa (George).........


  1. Happy Birthday to your poppa!
    What an exciting day for you and your family!

  2. "WOW" This is a wonderful man many congrats for his 100th b'day take care Merry l hope you enjoy your weekend xx

  3. WOW!! 100 years. Wish him a very Happy Birthday form us Merry..Loz

  4. Oh, how WONDERFUL to be able to share in your husband's grandfather's 100th birthday! I hope that Poppa had a very happy day!

    Jocelyn x

  5. Oh Merry the memories he must have. I hope you all have tape recorded some of his stories. They are wonderful things to look back on.

  6. Congrats, you are blessed to have had him in your lives. ~Diane


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