Friday, May 23, 2014

Biggest Morning Tea

The last few years I have taken part in Relay for Life but the thought of another sausage sizzle or months of fundraising had worn thin on me.  So this year I had decided to be part of Australia's Biggest Morning (fundraiser for Cancer Council) tea which officially happened yesterday although you can have your morning tea anywhere in May or June.  Mine is this this Sunday.  I have always wanted to use these beautiful tea cups that Mum had passed on to me years ago, so this is the perfect opportunity. 

The other reason I wanted to this morning tea is because I work a little now I just don't catch up with my friends like I used to and this way I have most of them in one place at one time.  The fact that it has been raining off and on for the past week and it is not easing has helped for a good turn out as a bit of sports has been cancelled. :-)  So glad we have a large verandah.

So yesterday arvo my daughter I were in the kitchen.  Here some jam drops.  We also did shortbread, parmesan cheese savoury biscuits, gluten free choc chip muffins (got to cater for all), and a vanilla cake.  Half way there.  I have seen cheesecake in shot glasses so want to make that and my friend gave me a recipe for Blueberry Almond Tart which always turns out but I am waiting for Saturday arvo for that.  Still working on decorations.  Thought we may need a couple of short little games too since we now have 18 people coming. :-0  Originally, I was thinking I might scrape through with 10 guests.

So may take me all of next to recover.  I will return.

If you would like to make a donation at all just click here.

Thanks for all the lovely thoughts and wishes in my post below too.


  1. This might be a good time to sell a few cards and raise a bit more cash. Have fun.

  2. You are totally on my wavelength Gail. I have my cards all out and added inserts yesterday. Today just making sure they all have envelopes. :-)

  3. Hope your fundraising day went well yesterday bet everyone enjoyed your cakes - love your bone china tea cups -best wishes Lesley x


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