Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rose of Sharon

Morning (click images for larger view)

About six months ago I acquired some cuttings from my parents neighbours Rose of Sharon plant.  I have always admired this plant.  I love how the flowers look like roses and change from the crisp white of a morning to a deep pink of the afternoon.  I discovered that this plant is a type of hibiscus and does go by many other names.


Pretty in pink

I couldn't leave out this crepe ginger that came up by itself and attracts the beautiful honey eaters.

I get to see this garden through the window when I sit to craft. :-)

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. How lovely to see some colour your photos are beautiful thank you for sharing them x

  2. So beautiful... how much joy nature provides. Lovely pics.
    Thanks for all the loving visits - you are an angel for me. Wanted to send you an email and tell you how happy I feel to see your name spring up in my comment box. Sorry that I cannot visit but will.
    Take care and much gratitude,
    Monica xxx

  3. What a fabulous view to inspire you as you craft. Fab photos.

  4. These are so Beautiful Merry..Loz

  5. Such beautiful flowers to look at. ~Diane

  6. Beautiful flowers, so nice to see!

  7. It's not a shrub I've come across before Merry but it look quite beautiful.

    B x

  8. Such beautiful flower - what a lovely view you have from your craft room best wishes Lesley x

  9. Gorgeous flower we have those here too.
    They are so pretty!

  10. Beautiful garden Merry! When do you have the time!!!


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