Friday, October 11, 2013

Craftmad Quilt Block Swap

Hi everyone, I will be posting all about CRAFTMAD for the next month I think with all the creations I have made because of this wonderful forum.  So to start off I would like to share where we are up too with our latest Quilt Block swap......we are always keen to have new members of.

At present there are three of us that swap to each other each month.  At the start of 2013 we decided to use Dusky Green, Dusky Blue and Dusky Yellow and have a different quilt block pattern each month. Each month I have been sewing the two swap blocks and one for myself.  The row on the left are my blocks, centre row are Cathy's. You can find more about Cathy's blocks on her blog and see other terrific blocks she has sewn.  The row on the right is from Mandy and you can see all of Mandy's blocks in the gallery at CRAFTMAD.

August we swapped a 12" Twin Star Quilt Block.

I really like how this one turned out.

September we swapped a 12" Frosted Star Quilt Block

We had another person join this swap so I made up four.  Sadly, I ran out of fabric for two of them and reverted to my original dusky green fabric.  Amazing how it changes the look of the pattern.  Although I like the end result of this block, I did curse a little with all those triangles.  Bring on the squares, I say. :-)

Thanks for visiting my way, once again I will find time again soon to catch up on your blogs.  Wishing you all a great weekend.


  1. Fabulous quilting Merry, when I see a post like this it makes me want to have a try again.

    B x

  2. Wow Merry you do so many things, these look stunning....

    Here is a link to that free image you liked on my blog, it is on my Pinterest page
    Have fun.x

  3. That looks so awesome, great colours!

  4. What a fun swap! Your quilt blocks are so pretty!!

  5. Love your quilt blocks Merry - the colours are so pretty. You are a lady of many talents :-) and I am always inspired by all the lovely things that you post on your blog.

    Jocelyn x

  6. This is such an awesome idea. Your blocks are just stunning.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}


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