Sunday, September 22, 2013

Reno Photos

I have found that elusive moment to share our reno photos with you.  I am pleased to say that yesterday the last of the gear we had stored on the verandah has now found a house.  So happy.
Today I have one more pile of stuff to go through in our family room which includes all our ornaments and various papers.  So not much to go at all.  Yay!

Remember to click on the photos for a larger view.

We will start in the bathroom - this is before when we had a separate toilet but decided we wanted a bigger bathroom so now the toilet is in with the bathroom.  I was dragging my feet on this decision and touching lots of wood the decision really has not been an issue.

Our bathroom gutted and the toilet wall taken down also the hallway wall which is where I am standing.

Tadah!.....yes we feel like we are on holidays all the time.  You can find me in there straightening the towels and wiping down the sink.  Sure that will wear off eventually. :-)

Love the walk in shower, so glad we got rid of the bathtub.  Only thing we did not think to add was somewhere for my daughter and I to rest our foot when shaving our legs.  

Our main bedroom which we love, love, love.

Years ago the room was painted a yellow colour as that is what our painter friend had spare so was a cheap options.  So I had made curtains to match.  Now it is all fresh and white.  The walls were gyprocked  and the pink carpet pulled up and replaced with these wonderful white tiles.

It wasn't till I found these photos from a couple of years ago and now have the kitchen that I do that I realised how small of an area it was.  Yes, this is me with a granny look happening.  Not the servery window.

Just another view looking towards the fridge.

The servery window being closed in and the wall extended just a little.

Cupboards gone.

Another Tadah! moment and another place I constantly walk around with my cloth to help keep it all shiny any new.  I really did not want to cook in here at all an put splatters around the place. I have overcome that now and enjoy cooking in my new kitchen.  It doesn't show well in the photos but the splashback tiles have a wavy line to them.

I have a pantry and thanks to Helen when the door opens a light comes on.  :-)

A big thank you to our builders.  Everything done in these photos took 3 months.  Seemed long at the time but really was blink now that we enjoy it.

 Thanks for visiting and I hope your Sunday is a good one.  The weather is cool at the moment but will soon heat up I am sure.  Still lovely clear days.


  1. Fantastic renovation Merry, it looks super!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  2. Wow, those renovations look amazing! It's almost like you have a brand new house.

  3. It's lovely Merry TYFS. Love your kitchen.

  4. WOW!! Looks FABulous now Merry..Loz

  5. This looks fantastic. ..well worth any hassle involved
    No wonder you are excited! ! Enjoy ! Thanks for sharing xx

  6. Wow, Merry, so happy you like your newly renovated home and it sure looks fab. Must feel great!!!

  7. looking awesome, so fancy and modern!

  8. WOW all the remodel looks so gorgeous! Love how you changed all the rooms. How long did all of this take you?
    Thanks for sharing all the amazing pictures!

  9. Wow, kuinka kaunis uusi koti ♥

  10. *wow*
    What a great renovation.
    Your kitchen is wonderful and the others rooms are fantastic.

  11. Very smart and up-to-date! Love that kitchen. Your curtains too in the bedroom. I have to find new curtains for the lounge and have been putting it off. They will fall to pieces soon!

  12. WOW!! I Am in awe of your renovations! So glad you can get settled again. Enjoy your beautiful new space!

  13. Hi Merry, I LOVE your renovations. Looks so fresh and clean. I know what you mean about not wanting to make a mess in your new kitchen - we updated ours a couple of years ago and the new sink was so shiny - almost like a mirror - and just having new appliances - wow, it made such a difference from my old Mission Brown oven mixed in with grey cupboards and tops with grey walls and ceiling (so depressing). It is fantastic cooking on new appliances as the newer ovens heat up much faster than old ones and cook better.

    Your bathroom looks so beautiful and modern - so much room in the shower too! That is our next renovation to tackle.

    What a total change in your bedroom too - looks so much bigger not having all the frilliness.

    Jocelyn x

  14. I've not blogged for a while nor visited other blogs for a while as life has been so busy but your renovations are amazing - bet you are soooo pleased with it all - just love your bathroom and new kitchen best wishes Lesley x


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