Monday, August 12, 2013

We are home. :-)

Hi all, we have moved back home.  Renovations are not finished but we have our beds in our bedrooms and that is all.  The bathroom is tiled and the toilet and shower are operational but not that vanity sink.  So into the laundry we travel which has a sink and cupboard but no washing machine or dryer yet.  Kitchen is just the cupboards waiting for a benchtop and appliances.  So BBQ meals it is.  Saturday my hubby and daughter moved a lot of our stuff to the verandah or spare bedroom.  While myself and a friend (Helen) had a lovely day manning our stall at the Annual Gordonvale Pyramid Race.  Sunday, the three of us did more moving and this morning I finished off the last three bookshelves.  So the other half of the house is now hopefully clear enough for the painter to come in and finish off the remainder of the house.  I was up at 6.15am having a shower so I could have one before all the workers turned up.  Sat down for breakfast at 9.30am and now it is 10.25am and it still only me and our dog.  So much for a hive of activity at our house to finish it all off.
This photo shows our back verandah and was taken from where I am sitting to type this.

I am so happy to be home and not having to travel 30mins - 40mins through two sometimes three lots of roadworks each day.  I think this week will be the close to the end.  Well I have paid internet now and am slowly going through my Feedly list.  Last night there were 738 posts for me to visit.  So may take me a while. :-)


  1. Dear Merry have missed you but moving home is such a lot of work. I am thankfully settled now. and Thank you so much for the kind words on my Spinner card tutorial and other posts

  2. wow lots of work happening! I hope they arrived shortly after your post!!!!

    Although someone told me there was a public holiday there, is that true? Maybe that explains it!

    All the best with it, no need to catch up on every post, Merry xoxo

  3. Welkom back in blogland Merry ☺☺☺
    Hugs Wilma

  4. Glad you are back home, reno's take a lot out of you for sure! Love that dress in the post below too! ~Diane

  5. So glad you're back home! Remodels seem to take forever, don't they?

  6. Welcome back Merry. Hopefully all will be finished soon and you can return to your craftroom..Loz

  7. yay!! Hope it all gets finished soon for you! It's all rather unsettling at the moment.. but will be so nice once done :D
    I am way behind on catching up on blogs too!!

  8. Hello Merry! I hope everything gets sorted out asap for you! I must say, I love BBQs so could eat that every day!! ;)

  9. So happy to have you back and come and visit me with all your kind comments. That is commendable considering how busy your life is at this moment.
    Hope you resettle in sooooon.
    I am enjoying your papers and have made many cards with them.
    That pink dress is staring at me and telling me how pretty she is.
    Thanks again for the visits even though your hands are so tied up.


  10. Good luck with the reorganisation Merry and just take your time catching up, but I do appreciate your visits yesterday.

    B x

  11. Be it ever so humble ..There is no place like home!
    Hugs Shirley-Anne


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