Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Crew Cure - Relay For Life 2013

Time for some catching up as I just noticed some draft posts.  This one was all about the final details for our Relay for Life team.  We had a wonderful time and luckily for us not as cold as it has been in the past.  As always it was great to catch up with a lot of people and have the time to walk and talk.  Also a very moving time when the candles go around the track and remember those that weren't there on the night.  Team Crew Cure raised an amazing $2362.00.   Now on to our team outfit.  This year we were determined to look like a team and be uniformed.  So we started with $4.00ea caps, freezer paper (from US) and white fabric paint $9.00 for one tub.  I (and other team members) printed the word onto the freezer paper and cut around the lettering to create a stencil.  Then using a brush stippled the fabric paint through the stencil.

Let it dry and removed the stencil to reveal the word.

We also bought $5.00 Tshirts and stencilled and painted our names on the front.  I have just place the cut out letters on the shirt to show you the effect.  Forgot to take a photo of the finished project.

Next we needed a baton to carry around the track all night.  As we had a nautical theme going we decided on a life preserver.  I purchased a $2.00 blue swim ring.  Then wrapped medical strapping tape in four sections.  This was a little see through so I painted the tape white.  As I wrapped the tape I attached a white cord.  

This is our daughter who couldn't help but be part of the fun. :-)

This year for the first time the organiser asked each team to have a letterbox for the front of our tents.  Apparently during the event we would get goodies in the mail.  I started with a cardboard box and cut and taped until I had a ship shape.  Then my I paper mached it.  Next my daughter took on the task of painting the ship in the same colours as we had on the banner that she help paint for us.

The ship....paint drying.  Sadly, I never did get another photo of this as I thought I would at the event but was having too much fun and forgot.

Team Crew Cure....the side of our tent with our major sponsor banner - NQEA.  Faces are blurred as I know a couple of our team members like to stay off the internet.

The front of our tent site with our bright team banner.

The End.

I decided that this would be my last Relay For Life.....I have done four now and feel it is time to try something new.  So my plan is to have 'A Biggest Morning Tea' next year in my backyard.

Catch up with you all soon.  I have whittled my blog feed from 700+ to 400+ so I will get to you soon.


  1. great pics Merry ;-) Congrats on such a great fundraising effort ;-)

  2. Super collection of photos Merry, thanks so much for sharing. I am guessing this race is along the lines of our Race for Life which several of the girls in the family did again this year.

    B x

  3. Fantastic photos for a great cause Merry..Love the boat..Loz

  4. How wonderful to raise such a brilliant amount...
    And I love the creativity there with the stencilling and all. The caps and tees look really well co-ordinated.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Brilliant photos Merry thank you for sharing them and well done x

  6. well done for raising so much money - bet you all had a great time too - Lesley x


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