Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thala Beach Lodge, Rex Range - lots of photos

Warning, lots of photos in this post.  If you would like a closer look just click on the photo.

The view from our cabin amongst the trees at Thala Beach Lodge.

This is the cabin which was next door they are not on top of each other and nicely set back so that everyone has their privacy.

Inside the cabin.

The view from the lookout a couple of metres from our front door.

Me, chillin and relaxing at the lookout.

The main pool.....the building in the background is the Reception and Restaurant area.

A visitor to the pool area on our second day.  This is a goanna and we have had the pleasure of a couple of these guys at our own home on a couple of occasions over the years.  This guy is about 1 metre long just catching some rays.  More info on the goanna here.

A second and smaller rock pool.

More relaxing by me in the hammocks supplied by the resort.  Shame I didn't find these until the end of the day....I so would love a hammock at home.

We discovered a Nature Walk that started near the hammocks.  So off we went on 1.5k trek. Thala Beach Lodge is very Eco-friendly as you can see by the little steps created for us to go over this fallen tree on the trek.  Yes, it's still growing...just sideways.

This is a nest for the Orange Foot Scrub Fowl (photo below).  The birds are only at the most 40cm tall and this pile of leaves was taller than me.  Impressive.  You find more info here.

A spider on the track.

Some pretty fungus.

Me, leading the way.

Which way??????

The view from the lookout on the Rex Range travelling from Port Douglas to Julatten.

A bit of traffic on the winding roads....a really lovely drive.

This brings us to the end of our quick weekend away.  Hope you enjoyed the photos...I shall return soon. :-)


  1. Kauniita kuvia, ihana katsoa niitä:) Mutta goanna, huuii, pelkään, että purevat ihmistä:o. Kun on lihansyöjä.
    Mukavaa viikkoa sinulle:)

  2. Merry thanks so much for sharing these fab pictures with all looks so amazing, what an adventure..xx

  3. Such delightful pics. I like the goanna and the spider the best. And I love hammocks too. We used to have one I remember in our garden when my Dad was posted in a coastal area. I used to love relaxing in it. There is something about hammocks that is so comforting...
    Thanks for sharing these brilliant pics.

  4. I like looking at photos. what a beautiful place for relaxing.

  5. Now this is definitely the life. Such beautiful surroundings to recharge the batteries.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  6. WOW!! Looks Beautiful and relaxing Merry. I will have to win Lotto and have a holiday there..Loz

  7. Beaut photos Merry, we sure do live in a wonderful country! Love the Goanna especially!

    What a blissful trip!

  8. Gorgeous pictures!! Looks like such a pretty place!!
    Glad you had some relaxing time!

  9. what a fantastic place for a holiday - hope you had a relaxing time - loved looking at your photo's - best wishes Lesley x

  10. Oh wow! I am very jealous that you live somewhere where this is a quick weekend away. So beautiful!! It looks like paradise :-) Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!


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