Sunday, May 12, 2013

Checking out my Followers List - Happy Mother's Day

I thought today I would check out my followers blogs.  I am amazed at how many have stopped blogging.  Also brought back some great memories of people I got to know through blogs and even though I have never met them I do miss seeing what they are up to.

I visited Mel at Renovating 519 and she had this handy link to another blog about being a 'No Reply Blogger'.  Apparently somewhere along the way with Blogger changes some peoples email address do not show in their profile.  They may be wondering why people don't reply to them when they leave a comment or question on other blogs.  It's because you are uncontactable.  The link above talks you through what you need to do to change this.

Another thing I noticed that a lot of my followers don't have a link back to their own blog in their profile so I can't check out what wonderful creations they have.   I know there are a few that only have a blogger account so they can leave comments and don't actually blog.  But I am sure there are a few people missing out on sharing their blogs.  So......

If you go to your 'Dashboard', find your blogger profile up to the top right and click on the little 'arrow' next to your name, then click on 'blogger profile' in the box that opens up, then click 'Edit Profile', the third choice down says 'Show my Blogs' next to that is a link that says 'Select Blogs to Display' click on that and check the blogs if you have more than one to show up in your profile.

(When you do the above you can unselect any old blogs you no longer use or those blogs you belong to as a Design Team member that no one else can visit anyways.  Declutter your blog list and we go direct to your blog.)

Let me know if you add your blog to your profile as I would love to come and have a sticky beak.

Take care and wishing all the Mum's out there a Happy Mothers Day.


  1. Thanks so much for these handy tips.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. Great tips Merry, I myself like to track back to people and comment back when they comment me and it is a shame how many people who when we first started blogging and crafting are no longer doing it! Oh wells, times do change! :-)

    Hope you have had a wonderful Mothers Day!!!

  3. Happy Mother's Day to a great mum...
    Thanks for the tips on blogger.
    Monica xxx

  4. Thanks for the visit Merry. I double checked and I have all systems go, but thanks for the reminder! Lovely card below with the ballerina. Happy Mothers Day. ~Diane

  5. Thank you so much, Merry... I wasn't aware of this and have corrected the problem. You never know what's going on with Blogger.
    Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day.


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