Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cairns, Sydney, Newcastle and Snake photos

I should be back on track today.  Last Saturday we flew down to Sydney (3 hours south) then on a train to Medowie (3 hours north) NSW.  Visited my hubbies family who we haven't seen in three years.  It was a flying visit as we left here in the wee hours of the morning and back here Monday night.  Lucky it was a long weekend here so no one missed school or work.  We all agree that we like the warmth of North Queensland and even the slowness.

******** Please click on the photo for a larger look.

Leaving Cairns and looking back at the airport.

Flying over the Hawksbury area (just north of Sydney) About half way in the photo you can see the train track across the water that we later use to get to Newcastle.

North Sydney

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour Bridge and on the right Sydney Opera House

Heading South of Sydney....see Sydney Tower

We climbed the tower near the Brewery on Newcastle foreshore to see this view of Nobby's Head

Same tower looking North Newcastle

I just loved this church/cathedral.

Same tower looking out to Stockton

Not my favourite part of the visit but my BIL breeds snakes here is one of the many.  He has a wonderful set up.

Another on the move

Back home....sunset as we fly into Cairns.

Wishing you all a wonderful day and I will have a card to share with you tomorrow.


  1. beautiful photos, and eep snakes!!! lol!

  2. Lovely pics, Merry, yes even the snakes ;-)

  3. Gorgeous pics... It's a long way to go for a weekend, but I think that's what we're going to have to do as well - my hubby's family is in Sydney and we very rarely see them, except for MIL and BIL they haven't seen Mr6 since he was Mr1. We'd been trying to find a week that we could both get off work, but hey if you can do it in a weekend so can we... and it's less time to want to throttle anyone in my family-in-law ;-)

  4. Cheap airfares work too. We booked back in January for this trip.

  5. Yes I might start looking for the new October long weekend :D Thanks Merry x

  6. Kauniita kuvia. Tuli oma matka mieleen:)

    Hei Merry. Minä olen käynyt Australiassa vuonna 2004:) Sidney, Canberra ja Melbourn. Olimme 3 viikkoa Australiassa. Ihana matka tykkäsin paljon.

  7. Fantastic photos Merry. But not the snakes YUK!!!..Loz

  8. Askartelin - you probably have spent more time in Melbourne than me then. I have been through overnight only.

  9. Merry hei. 5 päivää Melbourn. Mukavaa päivää.

  10. Fabulous photos Merry.

    It really brings it home how vast Australia is, if we few from the UK for thee hours we would be in another Country.

    B x

  11. Gorgeous photos...thank you so much for sharing! I don't mind snakes out in the wild but no way would I have one in the house! LOL! What kind are they? That bright green one is really striking (pun intended)! HEHE!

  12. Some lovely photos there Merry and some good memories of my hometown Newcastle.

  13. What swell pics. Thanks for sharing and those pics of the snakes... OMG, what a brave man your BIL is.

    Monica xxx


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