Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rachel's Camera Card

Today I have a special card I made for a friend of mine who just loves photography.  Since her son was born and possibly before I have not known Rachel to be far from her camera.  Lately, she has taken to photographing insects.  Amazing how pretty she can make a mere ant, fly, or moth look so good.  
So I thought a camera card was in order.  I found this wonderful tutorial at Extreme Cards and Papercrafting.  There is a print out for the camera shape but I couldn't figure out how to get my printer to do that.  So cut my own shape free hand.  I have added an embossed piece of silver cardstock for the flash. I used rub on lettering to add my friends name as if it was the camera brand name.  Instead of an 8 mega pixel camera ....I decided that the mega pixels would be her age.  Now there is a trick to the lens.  The 'Celebrate is a Just Rite Stamp.

I printed out 8 of my friends wonderful photos in a three inch size.  Following the tutorial as to which way the photos should be facing and the then folded all the papers to create this never ending photo display.  The lens area can be from each corner to reveal two photos from each corner.  This is my friend and her son.

Another corner reveals Rachel's wonderful photo of a passionfruit flower.

I will be trying this out again.  For some reason one photo appears upside down even though I followed the instructions.  I ran out of time to figure out what I was doing wrong as the card had to be in the mail yesterday.  This lot of photos is also my second attempt as my first....which was much neater...I attached one section in the wrong place and it just would not open properly.  But I got there in the end.

I hope to catch up on some blogs today.  It is Australia Day here in Australia. :-)  No huge celebration at our house.  Just enjoying the public holiday we have.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day what ever you have planned.


  1. Hi Merry and Happy Australia Day...

    Love this camera card, such a brilliant idea for your friend, sure she will love it...have a good

  2. Hi Merry, What a lovely card and a great idea!:) Sandra H

  3. that is so incredibly clever!!! I love that!!!

    Awesome Merry!

    Sorry for being a bad blogger and commenter, promise to be better from now on! :-)

  4. What a really clever card you have made here Merry,
    Kevin xx

  5. Ooh, what a great card ;-)
    I was just visiting Extreme Cards yesterday and didn't notice that one ;-)

  6. Gosh merry you come up with some terrific ideas and card shapes I really love the idea of a camera card and how the pictures are places, super.
    Lorraine x

  7. Fantastic card and such a great idea Merry.. Happy Australia Day..Loz

  8. Merry this is such a gorgeous little project and such a great way to display photos.

  9. What a fantastic idea Merry. It looks great.

    Michelle :)

  10. Wow! Great card! Love the idea of the photo camera! I am sure she will be delighted to receive such a wonderful card!

  11. What a neat design and so thoughtful for a lady that loves photography!

  12. How very clever! I am sure your friend will love this!
    Alicia xx

  13. OMG!! So adorable, and creative!!
    What a fun idea!!
    Love it!!

  14. A very inventive card and love the use of your friend's photos too. Fantastic!


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