Friday, January 6, 2012

More Bamboo Talk

You will be pleased to know that we are almost to the end of our bamboo saga.  What will I have to talk about then......  :-)  Yesterday, I cleared away the last of our bamboo mulch.  The gardens are all done, even the vegi garden and the bamboo garden.  Two gardens that I have never mulched before.  Also four special trees around the yard. (I think they feel special as they now are mulched another first) Here are some photos to show you what things look like now.


Just a reminder photo first....the pile of mulched up bamboo.

Our Bamboo garden just after we had finished chopping all the dead branches down.

The bamboo mulch pile as I finished off yesterday morning.

Another view of the mulch yesterday morning.

The amazing view yesterday evening when I had scraped the last shovel full of bamboo mulch.

The bamboo garden as it looks today.

The opposite side of bamboo garden.

The back view of bamboo garden.  Best thing is I rediscovered the stepping stones that my kids and my Dad made all the way back in 2004.  Great memories.

Just showing off the other mulched gardens.  All of which are looking wonderful at the moment due to the rain.  We are in the wet season.....high temps, high humidity and high rainfall.  Although, today seems perfect at present sitting the house with a temp of 25C.

Garden nearest the mulch pile.

Another front garden.

So now we will work on removing more of the bamboo clump that remains.  That will be a 'slowly does it' project.  Since the bamboo had died most of those stems remaining pull out with very little effort.  So it is just a matter of time.

Thanks so much for listening to our bamboo dramas.
Have a wonderful day whatever you have planned.


  1. you have a beautiful big garden, love it!!!

  2. The gardens look so pretty! Thanks for sharing pics!

  3. You had been busy! Love your gardens! Lovely landscaping too.

  4. Wow! The gardens are looking amazing! So green and lush. That bamboo was a monster!! All your hard work has paid off.
    Alicia xx

  5. That's a lot of gardening!!! Job well done!!!Trish

  6. Kaunis puutarha sinulla. Kivaa kun näkee kuvia:)Nyt meillä ollaan kevättä kohti menossa täällä paljon lunta ja vähän pakkasta. Mukavaa päivää sinulle.

  7. Your garden looks great! You did great work on it! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!

  8. Goodness me - your garden?!! It is beautiful & so BIG! I am one very jealous lady (my garden is the size of a postage stamp) xx

  9. I can never get over your garden Merry, it's amazing in size and all looks beautiful, wow, my garden would fit in your Bamboo

  10. How heavenly is your bamboo garden, Merry. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures.

    Happy to be back to blogging,


  11. Un jardin maravilloso, precioso!

  12. Hi Merry,
    Your gardens are beautiful!! All that hard work paid off. Thanks for stopping by my blog. We had a wonderful Christmas and an enjoyable and quiet NYE. Hope you and your family had an enjoyable holiday.
    Wishing you health and happiness in this new year.
    I look forward to seeing all of your new cards too.
    All my best,
    P.S. Here is my latest creation:

  13. Hey you beat the bamboo at last! well done.

  14. Fun to see a pretty green garden on this grey winter day, Merry! When we lived in San Diego, we had to really watch bamboo because it could easily take over; do you have that issue also? Now I have some growing in water INSIDE!

  15. WOW! Your gardens are beautiful. That's a lot of work but so nice when all finished.

  16. Great job Merry. Your garden looks like a lovely place to relax and enjoy. I too also love gardening, but my 1 year old likes to "HELP". It usually takes longer to clean her than the time I get to garden. OH well.

  17. WOW Merry what a fantastic transformation, it looks so beautiful, wow,
    Lorraine x


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