Thursday, October 28, 2010

Breast Cancer Bags

This month for our sewing swap over at Craftmad we are making Breast Cancer Bags to be donated to Breast Cancer Clinics in hospitals around Australia.

The reason for these bags are that currently patients who have had a mastectomy and are sent home with drains in situ. Usually they are discharged with two drainage bottles in a hospital pillow slip. So this would make life more pleasant for the ladies by having these bags to carry the drainage bottles in. They are often in use for 2 - 3 months, and as there is about 3 of these operations per week.

The pattern we have used came from the Online Quilt Magazine which you can subscribe to for free and receive the pattern to help out too.  Or email me.

I am hoping that these bags are not too bright and standoutish.  When I was cutting the first bag out I realised that I had enough to material left to cut another two three all up.  These two bags I have completed and the spotted flowers just called out for a little more.  So on one bag I have added sequins and beads to the spotty flowers.  The other bag I added white, and two shades of red french knots.  Very relaxing doing all this beading etc.  Now my daughter (14yo) was asking what I was doing and has taken the third bag to decorate up herself as she thought it was such a good idea.  But I am afraid that the social life of a teenager has gotten in the way and it's not quite finished.  Hopefully on the weekend she will find the time.


  1. lovely work Merry - I wish I had more time this month ;-)

  2. awesome project merry and an awesome cause, way to go!

  3. Great project Merry. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.
    Hugs to you!

  4. Gorgeous work Merry, wonderful idea, these will definately bring a smile those that receive them. So know what you mean about teenagers and their projects lol! Take CareX:)

  5. Absolutely brilliant!! And I think your doing such a wonderful thing to help out those ladies! Hope you post the one your daughter is doing...if she gets around to finishing it! LOL!

  6. wowsers,
    these are stunning,
    love the bag,
    fantastic idea, and what a way to help,

  7. WONDERFUL idea, love your embellishing too!

  8. What a thoughtful project to be involved in. These look great.

  9. They look great! I think they will help brighten the hearts of those who receive them!

  10. These bags are really lovely and I really love the bright colours and think they are just perfect. Great detail with the french knots and beading too.

    My mother and cousin recently had a mastectomy due to breast cancer, and I know they would have loved this bag - so much brighter, cheerful and positive than a white pillowslip! I think it's a wonderful and thoughful idea. Thank you to you and the ladies at your Sewing Swap for doing it :-)


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