Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Middle of the year catch up

Hi everyone, I'm on my last week of holidays and thought it was time to update you all.  Here are some photos to catch you up on a little of what I have been up to these past 6 months.  I have been enjoying a lot of different activities and sometimes enjoying moments of doing totally nothing. 
July - Local markets last Saturday, best markets I have ever done as I sold 12 cards.  Yes, I'm thinking of retiring now. :-)

I am always been on the lookout for ways to display my cards that don't cost a fortune.  I have finally found it.  These cute little card stands were made in 30 minutes from an old branch I found in our backyard.  I sawed them into small sections of different heights and then using the saw cut a slit in the top to hold the card.

July - This was what I did first day of my holidays.  My first ever go in a floatation tank and it won't be the last.  I like everyone I have told about it was a bit concerned of being claustrophobic however, I didn't feel this at all.  The pod is full of water with epsom salts so when you lay in there you float and yes, you do.  If I try and float in a pool my head stays up and my bottom and legs just sink.  You wear ear plugs and music plays for the first ten minutes, then quietness for the remaining hour until the end ten minutes when the music starts again to tell you time is up.  I did fall asleep at one stage, not sure how long but I have never felt so rested.  I highly recommend giving it a try.  Oh, and the red light is a pool light which you can choose how it works.  Initially, the lady that showed me everything left the light on changing colours - I found this a little annoying so I changed it so it only had a blue light or you had the option to have no light.  The lid closes all the way down which I did for about five minutes but found it all too warm and sauna like so opened the lid about 15 - 20cm and thought that was perfect.

I found this on the Cairns Float Studio Instagram  feed and explains my visit perfectly. :-)

I have been enjoying watching my little collection of succulents grow and surprise me with amazing flowers.

This zygocactus was given to me by a friend last year…..first time we had seen each other in 30 years.  I so happy the plant has survived and I now get to see flowers.
May - My prototype for this years schools Biggest Morning Tea table decorations. 

May - This year I had help from another teacher aide and a year 12 student putting together  60 top hats to create the table decorations for our school fundraiser Biggest Morning Tea in May - Tiara's and Top Hats

The construction

May - My first market stall for years - sold one card .  So sales wise not a huge success but as it is local I caught up with so many people.  Actually, catching up with people is the main reason I do any market stall as they are always local - selling a card is a bonus. :-) The other reason I did this market stall in particular was to help get the ball rolling on my friends daughters idea of selling bow head bands for babies.  She had been making the bows and slowly creating a website but that was as far as she had gotten.  So I thought we could go halves in the market stall and we could keep each other company.  You can see Michaela's creations here at Sweet Little Creation.

April - we finally had a fine day so had to take the hotrod for a drive into town.  Had some breakfast and this is our journey on the way home.  To the left of the trees you can see Walsh's Pyramid our landmark for the town of Gordonvale.

I have still been walking our dog Scruff with friends of a weekend.

April - Another rare moment with sunshine, so I dragged out my hammock to enjoy.  This only lasted about 20 minutes before I was being rained upon.

This was the view from the other end of  the above hammock.

March - my husband and I got to spend a long weekend in this lovely timber, 3 storey house at Bingal Bay about 1 1/2 hours south of us.  View of the pool from the top floor.  We were celebrating our sons 25th birthday and the fact they he and his girlfriend were now engaged.

The view from the top floor looking out and through the tops of trees.  Hard to believe but this is located in a small suburban street.  There were neighbours on either side.

The newly engaged couple enjoying a walk on Bingal Bay Beach.

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  1. What a lovely catch-up Merry, strange thing is I was only thinking of you the other day and meant to come and see if I had missed a post from you. Anyway, looks like your busy with life, congrats to your son on his engagement to, lovely times. Take care.xx

  2. Looks like you have had a fantastic 6mths Merry. Love all the photos. The top hats look fantastic. Not too sure about a salt bath but if you can leave the top open a little bit I would be happy.. Congratulations to your son and his Fiance. Now you will have to start on the wedding cards..loz


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