Saturday, April 21, 2018

Mum's Birthday - Jar of Nothing :-)

I had no idea what to get Mum this year  for her birthday and I think my brother was in the same boat.  Mum is always saying don't get me anything, I have all I need, you do enough etc.  So my brother and family gave her this lovely tiara and an '18' badge to wear upside-down.  I gave her an empty jar that I had decorated and labeled 'Nothing'.  Wrapped it up and told Mum that the present is something she had always asked for.

Mum loved it and the jar went down to church with her  on her next visit for  show and tell.

I also bought a helium ballon kit from Kmart and blew up 30 balloons (all that was in the kit)  and gave to Mum.  I think I had as much joy blowing the balloons up as Mum had receiving them.

I have had a card kit from two years ago that one of the ladies for our Craftmad get together had handed out to everyone.  I finally found time to put all the pieces together and gave this all to Mum as well.

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  1. I Love the idea of the upside down 18 and the jar of nothing is so Funny. I must remember this when someone says they have everything.. Beautiful card you made your mother merry..loz

  2. :) Happy Birthday Merry's Mum!

  3. I like the idea of a 'Nothing Jar' and how sweet that she went to church to show it to her buddies. And how cool to have 18 upside down. Lovely tiara too.

    Lots of love,

  4. Fun! And I bet she'll keep something in that nothing jar!


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