Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Adele, Brisbane, Townsville - that's where I have been

Our lives have been full of travel and events lately, it was really nice to spend last weekend at home and enjoy the quietness and catch up on housework.  Yes, I know it's sad but I do like to be organised and my highlight last weekend was reaching the end of the ironing pile.  :-) Two weekends ago we were lucky enough to have tickets to see Adele sing in Brisbane.  A brilliant concert, Adele has an amazing voice but the best bit is she is just as real as everyone in the crowd.  I really did enjoy the way that she chatted with the crowd even if she said it was to settle her nerves.

This is Adele on zoom…..yep we were up in the bleachers.

No zoom.  Row SS not many rows behind us but we had cover when it rained and felt the slight breeze when it came through.

This was the start of the night as the crowds filed in.

We spent the day before the concert with our daughter and her friend and found this little amphitheatre on Southbank with a couple singing.  A nice relaxed affair.

We visited GOMA (Gallery of Modern Arts) which I love visiting as there are so many clever minds and some of the displays are very craft orientated.  This is an actual display with a big sign saying 'Please don't jump on this display' and a security guard to ensure the sign is read.  I can tell you when I visited at the start of the year and it was school holidays that security guard was earning their pay.  How can kids not jump on these when they are allowed to sit on them? :-)

The weekend before our visit to Brisbane we visited Townsville and I did an early morning walk with our sons girlfriend.  This is the view from the top looking back out to sea.

We were there to help celebrate our sons 23rd birthday.  We were busy while he was at work and this was waiting for him on his return home.

I will be back again soon with a couple of cards and more travel photos.


  1. Fantastic photos Merry. I would have loved to see Adele when she was in Perth..loz

  2. I would love to hear Adele live, great pics.

  3. Oh wow Merry I LOVE Adele, what a voice, how fab you got to see her live...Looks like you have a had a great time all round, but it's always nice to get back home.....xx

  4. Wow, fancy that you went to see Adele, live.

    And those squishy things are so cool. And yes, how can little kids not be tempted to jump on them.

    Lovely scenic photo.

  5. Hey Merry, Sounds like you had a fantastic time :-)

    Just wanted to you know that I have been thinking of you with Cyclone Debbie and hope that you and all your family are safe and well ((hugs))) xx

    Love Jocelyn x

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Jocelyn. We were lucky and missed Debbie entirely although she was hot on our toes her entire journey. We have just returned from a wonderful cruise around New Zealand and flew out the day she hit Queensland. So we had to fly inland to get past her. Then on the cruise we were one day ahead it seemed of the bad weather associated to her journey over there. Im hoping to post some photos soon as it was a wonderful time. Hoping also to get a spend some time visiting everyones blogs.


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