Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Biggest Morning Tea

Surprise, I am here. :-)  School holidays for two weeks so I have a little more time in the mornings and it raining so have to find inside things to do. :-)  I so miss catching up with everyone and one day I will work out a new routine so that I can fit everything in. Till then I will slowly share the couple of crafty things I have done.  

Sunday, 21st June my daughter and I held a Biggest Morning Tea to raise funds for cancer research.  I felt very proud when my daughter who lives down in Brisbane while doing uni rang one day and asked if I was doing the Morning Tea this year.  I said no as she wasn't here to help me.  She said she would like to do one when she visited as she likes to be involved at least one fundraising event a year.  :-)

So blue, yellow and white was the theme.  I used a spray water bottle with blue and yellow food colouring to spray paper doilies.

Moved them all on to a towel to dry.

The tables before everyone arrived.

Aren't the doilies so effective….such a cheap and easy decoration.  My friend kindly made all the wonderful pinwheel flowers on each of the tables.  My daughter decorated jars with washi tape and twine….so nice to put the tape and twine to good use.

Next year we may be flash and have real table cloths. :-)  Plastic are good though as they went straight in the bin when clearing up.

Had some cards for sale too.

The food was even in theme.  My wonderful daughter spent all week baking while I was working. I made some carrot cakes and the friend that did the pinwheel flowers also made an apple slice and hummingbird muffins….so yum.  The remainder my daughter made.

All the food, coffee and tea.

Tables are full.

We had set a goal of raising $300 and we raised $343 so it was a very successful day.

Thanks for visiting….have a terrific day.


  1. So nice to see you Merry, it looks like a good time was had by all as well as raining finds for a very worthwhile cause plus you got to have some crafty fun as well.

    B x

  2. Hi Merry, good to have you popping in. Wow, love how those doilies turned out. What a clever idea to use the food colouring! and good on you and your daughter for raising all that money for cancer research too. Not been too bad here today but now it's late afternoon and the warmth has disappeared and have had to light the fire. Only problem is that I have to go out for choir practise at 7:15 and don't get home till about 10:15p.m.Brrrrrr............

  3. It's lovely to read your blog and see what your doing Merry, we all seem to be abit tardy of late.......
    Your Tea party looks fabulous, looking through the odd post I see your so busy, your craft room looks like so many others....I know when I clean out I can find nothing for ages...lol...
    Have a nice day..xx

  4. Absolutely loving those cheery blue and yellow doilies and how great and fun did they look on the table with those rosette flowers.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  5. They are so pretty! What a fun idea!!
    Looks like a great time!!

  6. Sounds like it was lovely! Great cause, too.

  7. Love the table decorations and nice patio you have there. Always wanted one of those. How timely that I should run across this post as a rubber stamping friend of mine died yesterday morning from cancer. I'm sad.


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