Saturday, January 31, 2015

Craftmad Quilt Block - Lovers Knot

Once again, I am taking part in the Craftmad Quilt Block Swap.  This year, each month we have a new partner and we are swapping a block in the partners chosen colours and the sewer chooses the block pattern.  I have asked for purples and whites and hope to put together a quilt for my daughter at the end of the year.

My partner for January asked for Burgundy, Pink and Cream.  These are the fabrics I had in my stash that I think fit the criteria.  I have gone with a Lovers Knot design and followed the tutorial over at Quilters Cache website.  Interestingly,  when my partner received this block she referred to it as a Double Wrench pattern when I googled I saw more images of it as a Double Wrench.  Now that I look at the photo here I am very happy with how neat this block has turned out.  

Come on over to Craftmad as we are always looking for more members to join in our Quilt Block Swaps.

Edit: we are swapping 12" blocks.


  1. Really pretty colours. I love the design. Can't wait for round two. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Very nice, Merry. What is the size of this block?

    1. Judy it's a 12" block and thanks. :-)

  3. lovely block - what a good way to keep in touch with other quilters and get new ideas - hope you get to make your daughter a quilt at the end of the year best wishes Lesley x

  4. This is so pretty!!
    Love the colors you used!!
    What a fun swap!!

  5. Wao, simply amazing. my mother is too good in quilting :)


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