Sunday, September 14, 2014

Father's Day Card

Hi everyone,  

Yes, this Father's Day card is a little late posting and it was a little late to my Dad as my husband and I had driven 4 hours south to Townsville to watch a Rugby League game.  Sadly, hubby's football team, Manly, were soundly beaten by the local team Cowboys.  Yes, in a crowd of 22,000 we would have been part of the 100 or so Manly supporters.  It was a great night and we stayed at a lovely B&B  - Classique.  The house is 124years old....lovely to hear the history of the building.

I quickly made this card for my Dad before work last Wednesday.  Took me half and hour including google time.  I knew I would need to case a card and lucky enough found one on Lisa H. blog that I knew I could find pieces for in my stash.

I started with a white card blank, then some of my wonderful new glitter card stock.  I have bought one of each of the colours that Blue Edge Crafts stocks, so should be set for a while.  A layer of white card stock which I pin pricked around the edge to take away the plainness.  Created the #1 Dad badge using my Justrite stamps and Spellbinder dies.  I was really happy with the results as was my Dad. :-)

I ended up at the local annual horse races - Cairns Amateurs - yesterday.  Took me a whole five minutes to get ready and be in the car.  My daughter and her friends had been planning for months to attend the races.  Purchasing just the right dress, shoes and fascinator.  Tickets bought all except one who purchased it at the races.  They were dropped off by my hubby by when they went to go through the gates they discovered that my daughter who is 18 could go through but her three girlfriends who turn 18 in the next month or two were not allowed to accompany her.  They were told they needed someone at least 30yo to accompany them as they were underage.  Nothing was said to the girl who turns 18 next week when she purchased her tickets at the racecourse.   So a mad panic call to me and I was ringing friends to see if they knew anyone who was attending them that would sign them in.  Nope everyone my age had gone the day before. In the meantime, two lovely police officers had tried arguing the case with the security staff on the front gate.....they still could not get in.  They asked passer by of the 30 age group if they would accompany them in and they agreed but then the security said you need a 30yo for each girl.  So my daughter went in and her friends tried to get refunds to which they were told no as it was written in the terms and conditions - fine print.  That if under 18 they must be accompanied by parent or guardian.  Meanwhile, I am in my quick getup driving in, met the girls after they had tried everything and they were ready to give up. I said we would just try one more time with me accompanying all three.  As we passed the police officers wished us luck.  Thankfully, the security people we then spoke to were sensible and let me take all three in and reminded me quite strongly....and rightly so that if these girls cause trouble or are drinking it's me who cops the fine.  They were so nice they let me in for free and then gave all of us a bottle of water.   So the girls got to strut their stuff in their beautiful clothes shoes and fascinators.  I surprisingly, enjoyed being there checking out the amazing fashion and the amazing faux pas.  The guys all looked terrific too and their sunnies seemed to be their fascinator.  So in the end a good day was had by all and I might consider going myself next year with some friends my age.  :-)


  1. Hi Merry, Firstly, I love the card you made your Dad, it's brilliant, especially considering how fast you put it together...

    Sorry your hubby's team got beat, better luck next time...

    As for the Girlie day out at the races, just glad it worked out well in the end, you have been busy by the sounds of

  2. Brilliant card Merry, I like the rosette and the sparkle
    Kevin xx

  3. Hi Merry I was thinking about you today so it lovely to come and visit you, your card is fabulous love the clean and simple style, also the colours a super make.
    lorraine x

  4. Hi Merry..........Wow this is really lovely x

  5. Fantastic mens card Merry..Loz

  6. Love the card - and the stories of the football and racing events! Mum to the rescue eh! Glad the girls got to enjoy the day out.

  7. Sure your Dad loved this card Merry.

    B x


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