Saturday, July 27, 2013

Renovations still going.

Hi everyone, I am so missing you all and missing the freedom to sit and create in my own space.  Just not the same when my workspace is covered in items from the rest of the house.  Things are slowly getting there.  We are so keen to be back home and have a bit of normality even if it is just to sleep in our own beds.  A couple of photos to show what is happening.

This is a demo of how our current hallway tile (top of photo) will look with our new bedroom tile and mosaic in between.  The bedroom tiles have now been laid and fingers crossed they were grouted today.

Our toilet window no longer exists.  I am so impressed how neatly the brickie matched up the pattern of the blocks of the house.  Once painted no-one will ever know.

Demo of current hallway tile (bottom) with new bathroom floor tile (top) and mosaic strip in between.  The bathroom tiles are still to be laid.

An old box aircon used to sit in that was easily 20 years old and earlier this year decided it had had enough.  So new system going in soon and no longer need that hole in the wall.

Newly laid tiles in our daughters bedroom.

Same tiles in our more old pink carpet.  It will be so easy to sweep out now.

The kitchen no longer has a servery window on the wall near the red bucket.  

Bathroom with walls all sheeted and waiting for waterproofing which finally happened on Friday. :-)

So that is where I am up too.  

Take care and I hope that by mid August I am attempting to catch up on everyones amazing creations.


  1. Thanks for sharing these Merry l'm keen to see the finish hope it won't be too long now xx

  2. all the best with the reno's, Merry!

  3. Wow, that is a pretty big job. I love to see the finish work.

  4. Looks like it is progressing Merry.. Hopefully it will be finished soon and you can return to crafting..Loz

  5. Looking good - love those mosaic tiles.

  6. Love all these gentle tones.
    This wait will be well worth it.
    Missing you though,

  7. Miss you Merry. Hope your renovations go really well :-)

    Crafty {{hugs}}
    Jocelyn x

  8. Wow ,the place will look a million dollars when it's finished . I do miss all your posts and comments so come back soon.

  9. Nice! Renovations seem to take forever, don't they? But so worth the wait!!

  10. You have my tiles! I put those mosaics on the wall in our kitchen as a splashback. They look lovely - ours are the warm browns and creams but I nearly went with the more grey ones. I am sure your house will be great and I hope as you move back in and recreate your own space that you enjoy the renewal!


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