Sunday, May 23, 2021

Artwork, Sewing and Cardmaking

Hi everyone,  I like these weeks in review posts I have been doing.  It's fun going back through my photos to see what caught my eye during the week.  Not many photos to share but did have some achievements, like our burn pile which was from the cyclone in March finally was reduced by two thirds.  What remained was still too wet or turning to mulch.  We are still getting rain, not much but enough to keep everything lovely and green and wet. 

Now the artwork above I just love, it was hanging at the local cafe for sale and what's even better is, I discovered it was my Mum's cousin who had painted this piece.  :-D  I have watched her work evolve as I have grown up, her first artworks were cane fields and poinciana trees.  I love all the detail in this piece so had to share.  You can find out more about Lorraine and her work here.

This is huge, I replaced the zip in my daughters favourite skorts, only took 8 months.  I do not like zip sewing but am pretty happy with the results.  

Another card I have made from my Dreamer Card Kit from Uniquely Creative.  The papers are so pretty and I love the layout.  More hand cutting of the images from patterned paper to create the embellishments. 

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  1. Gorgeous artwork and card merry..loz

  2. Sometimes it's nice to revisit our past craft works and sometimes we get ideas, must admit though I did get a shock and not the nicest one when one of my DIL's recently found a card I had made her about 20 years ago when my card making was in it's infancy. How styles and moreover the products available have changed.

    B x

    1. It is interesting to see old cards Brenda, I think that is what I do like about blogging and sometimes I go back and re-visit and sometimes think wow, I made that with a smile and other times, wow, I made that and actually put it on the blog for the world to see….:-D

  3. Hi Merry, love the painting your aunt did, your not alone in the zip sewing problems, for me its always a task until I bought zips on a roll, game changer for me anyways, and your card is just gorgeous, so pretty.xx

    1. Interesting Janette about the zip on a roll, I have just bought a length of zip to which I can add my own fasteners, now I am keen to give this a try.

  4. Hi Merry I take my hat off to you for doing the zip that is one area that I am totally useless at, lol, Merry your card is beautiful I love the design and colours
    lorraine x


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