Sunday, May 23, 2021

Artwork, Sewing and Cardmaking

Hi everyone,  I like these weeks in review posts I have been doing.  It's fun going back through my photos to see what caught my eye during the week.  Not many photos to share but did have some achievements, like our burn pile which was from the cyclone in March finally was reduced by two thirds.  What remained was still too wet or turning to mulch.  We are still getting rain, not much but enough to keep everything lovely and green and wet. 

Now the artwork above I just love, it was hanging at the local cafe for sale and what's even better is, I discovered it was my Mum's cousin who had painted this piece.  :-D  I have watched her work evolve as I have grown up, her first artworks were cane fields and poinciana trees.  I love all the detail in this piece so had to share.  You can find out more about Lorraine and her work here.

This is huge, I replaced the zip in my daughters favourite skorts, only took 8 months.  I do not like zip sewing but am pretty happy with the results.  

Another card I have made from my Dreamer Card Kit from Uniquely Creative.  The papers are so pretty and I love the layout.  More hand cutting of the images from patterned paper to create the embellishments. 

Thanks again for visiting. 


Monday, May 17, 2021

My week and another card

This was the view that greeted me Saturday morning as I was driving my puppy and I into walk along the Esplanade. This just has to mean a great day is coming…..and it wasn't bad at all. :-)

Part of my Saturday was an impromptu drive through the Atherton Tablelands. My daughter asked if I would accompany her for some indoor rock climbing - they were shut.  So went off to check out an op shop - shut.  She saw a subsidiary store that her boss owns and thought we'll check that out - shut.  I thought we might go visit my friend who had moved up here and had a baby - not home.  But my friend had these amazing hibiscus in her front yard plus I got some great Mother Daughter time. :-)

I saw these photos and love the story with them.  My husband took me to a coffee/breakfast meeting with his car club for Mother's Day.  About ten of around the table above until someone said so you want to see under the bonnet - then it's just me. :-)

And there is - under the bonnet - guessing I just can't compete. :-D

The car is a newly painted Mustang which has apparently taken ten years to get to this stage.  I must say I love the colour. 

Some of the cars that came out for their Sunday drive.

Last Friday arvo was my regular walk on the Behana track, the water was still flowing pretty well from all the rain we have had recently.  Its just a view you enjoy seeing every time you visit.

Looking down stream.

Half way along - the prettiest spot.

Lastly a card for the Craftmad May card swap - Polka Dots.  I found a paper pad pack that had all of these fabulous papers and decided to create a couple of tags to be able to include them all. 

Thanks for popping on by.  Hope it's a great week for you.


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Some card making at long last :-)

Hi everyone, I am really feeling like my life is settling into a new routine which finally includes crafting again.  I did let my job take over but fingers crossed I am back on track.  

Here are some cards I have made and loved putting together.  This one was for my Mum, the starting point was green which is her favourite colour.  I found this vellum with tiny flowers which sat nicely on the checkered paper background paper.  I don't think I have used this label die-cut before and really like the look.  Added some paper punched flowers, the vellum flowers I ran through the swiss dots embossing folder.  Added the bow and bling.  The Mothers Day sticker was black but I coloured it with a permanent silver pen.

This card I made for my Mother in Law and is part of the Uniquely Creative Dreamer Card kit I bought to help with motivation and inspiration in my card making.  The kit has certainly done the trick as well as the beautiful papers I came to realise that patterned papers don't have to be only used as background papers.  If they have a busy design, a piece of the pattern can be cut out and used as an embellishment which is what I have done with the flowers above.  I am now looking at my papers in a different light.

This card I made for the Craftmad Monthly Swap - theme was Black and White.  I put my new found inspiration of using patterned paper as an embellishment and hand cut these beautiful roses out and attached to the striped patterned paper, finished with some pearls etc.

The second part to the swap was two tags.  The first tag, I decided to put to use a stamp (one of many) that a friend had given to me.  The light house which I have coloured with with water colour pencils.  The sentiment stamp was also another gift from the same friend.  I'm not the greatest stamper and the words were a bit hit and miss so I added the light beams from the lighthouse to cover the flaws.  I hand drew the rope border and layered up the tag, finished with a variety of ribbons.  The second page started with the flower which I simply added to a layered tag and added some bling and threads.

Hope you have enjoyed my cards.  Thanks for popping on by.


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Crumb/Scrap/Crazy Quilt


In January, I decided I needed another quilt for our lounge and I needed to use my scraps of fabric that were really too small for anything but either too pretty to toss or had memories attached to them e.g. I had made something for one of the kids, or they were part of the quilt block swaps I used to do, or Mum gave me the fabric.

So, I decided on a crumb/scrap/crazy quilt (whichever term you like).  I gathered all the pieces together and randomly started sewing fabrics together.

After sewing each section I ironed the seams flat then made sure there was a straight edge I could sew to another straight edge then it was back to the sewing stage.  I think I went through this cycle about five times so that the fabrics were really mixed up in the 7" blocks I created.

I decided on a black border to seperate the blocks and allow the eye to see each of the blocks lovely patterns that had been created.

I just love how tiny some of the pieces of fabrics became and the shapes that were created by cutting the straight edge and randomly picking another straight edge to be sewn together.

Then came the quilting itself - not my favourite stage but I am happy with the results and how smoothly it went together.  One of my best investments has been a quilting foot as that has stopped so much puckering.  The other thing I have learnt is to tape the backing fabric to the floor the layer then batting on top, next the top panel.  I then grab all the safety pins I have (one year I may purchase proper quilters pins) and start putting them in place ensuring they pin right through to the back panel to hold all sections in place.

This is the end result which I am really happy with - it's a bit in your face but I love that I could use pieces of fabric that were really too small for anything. I decided to bind the quilt in a binding that I created from remaining fabric scraps and I think this is my favourite part of the quilt.

I always use a pattern background fabric to hide any puckering and not so straight lines.  I saw this fabric and it reminded me of a circus which I think was appropriate for the front panel colour craziness.

The back panel with the scrap binding.
The best bit is - this quilt only took me four months to create as opposed to the two years I think the last quilt took to be finished.

Thanks for passing on by.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Babinda Kayaking edited to show flooding

Well its back to work for me today, I'm happy that it is raining today and looks like it will be all week rather than on my holidays.  I have gotten this far on a jigsaw of Bondi Beach in Sydney, really not sure if I will finish the sky and the water - we'll see.  

Last Friday, I ticked Babinda Kayaking off my bucket list.  Had a fantastic time and will definitely be doing this again, hopefully with Sully sitting on the front. $50 for the kayak hire, life jacket, kayaks ready for us to row away, then a pick up at the other end to bring us back to the car.  Oh, and can't forget the bonus iceblock we received.  

I was all covered up and lots of sunscreen as there is not much tree coverage along the way but not too hot as you can take a dip anytime you felt like it.

So peaceful and quiet, the kayaking is done at your own pace.  There were another two groups (1 x 4 and 1 x 8) floating down when we did, we would pass each other every now and again as one of the groups would pull off to a sandy bank to eat or swim or just take in the surroundings.

This is how clear the water is - taken from in the kayak.

The end

Thanks for visiting - I am hoping to keep this new routine of occasional blog posts and occasional blog visits happening as I have loved reconnecting with everyone. So fingers crossed - life does not speed up again and get in the way. 

This is the same creek 3 days later, so we timed it very well.  


Saturday, April 10, 2021

Holidays full of gardening and sewing

Hi everyone, I'm happily on two weeks holidays enjoying the sunshine in our garden and trying to tame the jungle it is.  My succulents were first off the list which I weeded and added a couple little pots to the garden on the far right.  I still want to add a couple of small mounds so the garden is not flat, hopefully give it a little character as it was a veggie garden before succulents came along.

I got rid of all the dead branches out the passionfruit vine and now waiting for these yummy fruit to ripen and fingers crossed the visiting cockatoos don't find them.

Next was the bromeliad garden which had these lovely flowers happening.

This time of year my Rose of Sharon (type of Hibiscus) never fails to delight me.  I love the fact it's starts the day as a lovely crisp white flower…….

and finishes the day with this lovely vibrant pink.

Our Easter was very full of chocolate as I was lucky enough to win this hamper at work…..gave a lot of it away otherwise my husband and I would have been rolling everywhere. :-D

Brisbane went into lockdown just before Easter and this time round all of Queensland had to wear masks inside.  This is our first time throughout the whole of COVID that we have had to do this. So we are very lucky living in the tropical north.  So I decided to try out a few Pinterest mask patterns trying to find the best for masks that were anti fog.  I found this pattern which was quick to cut out and sew and seems very effective.  Love to hear if you have a favourite mask pattern.

Still looking for ideas to keep Sully busy, he is healing well although has a little fluid on his knee.  I discovered VitaRapid Tranquil Daily Treats and these have really helped calm Sully of an afternoon when he is really, really bored with his current cage constraint.  I like that they have natural ingredients.  We have quick sessions of training - sit, stay, come and down - hoping to tire his brain and perhaps his body a little.  Decided to make a snuffle box so he can dig through to find his food.  Sully does have a good time with this and keeps him busy for 20 mins or so.  This is a - keep an eye on Sully activity, with his past history of swallowing strips of fabric.  I went in search of items for strong chewers as Sully has chewed through most of his toys.  I discovered Aussie Antlers and now have a goat horn and antler which seem to be working well and lasting longer than a day and keeping him busy.

After a morning of gardening I have been getting back into my crumb quilt.  I'm loving seeing the random combinations and now have 15 of my 32 required squares done.

Thanks for passing by.


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