Sunday, December 31, 2023

2023 Wrap Up

I have just had a sticky beak and I have managed 4 more posts in 2023 compared to 2022. So watch out in 2024 I may just have one post per month which will more than double my 2023 efforts. :-D

Here are the last couple of cards I made this year. The christmas wreath above is made up of various snowflake paper punched shapes and added pearls.

I think my favourite card as red and green and holly are Christmas to me.  I have hand cut the stamped holly shapes and attached to create the wreath.  The berries are punched from red acetate.

Back in October was world teachers day as a small gift to each of the teachers of the school that I work at (nope I'm not a teacher) I cut these apples on my cricut joy.  I'll look for link of apple and add soon.  Other staff put all the pieces together and popped in a lollipop.  The original pattern had the lollipop stick coming out the bottom, I felt very clever being able to change the shape so that the stick could come out the top allowing the apples to sit in teachers pigeon holes.

I'm very excited to have new shoots appearing on these lemon tree cuttings I have taken from Mum's tree.  Her tree produced so many lemons she was constantly giving them away for free.  One of these will be for me which I plan on growing in a pot and one for my sister.  I learnt that aloe vera gel is a great alternate to rooting powder.

The jigsaw we completed Christmas Day.

Which brings me to the last day of the year.  Thanks for visiting throughout the year, I wish you and your family a happy and accomplished 2024.  See you next year. :-)


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