Monday, February 29, 2016

Dad's 80th Birthday

It was Dad's 80th Birthday back on the 22nd February.  So that weekend I was busy with visiting family. It was so nice to catch up with my sister and her husband as well as our son and his girlfriend.    My Aunt was in town too and our cousin and his family came over for the family party.  

Of course, had to have something a little special and different for a card so I had been checking out Pinterest for the past month or so.  I saw a couple of cards like the one above and thought it was a bit of fun.  Sorry can't share any links as all the Pinterest ones I find just go to a photo.  Everything was printed on our computer and then I just layered it up.  The card I made from two manilla folders joined together.  I needed the large size for the inside.

I saw this idea all over Pinterest and adapted it a little for the chocolate bars that we have available here. Again, I printed this all out on the computer then I punched out each word with a variety of shapes.  It reads all the way across.  Yep, the card received a smile and was shown off to others.

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  1. Very clever! Hope you all had a grand celebration!

  2. Such a fabulous idea for the card Merry!!
    Dr Sonia

  3. This is Fantastic Merry. I LOVE the front and the inside is so funny..Loz

  4. What a fabulous card for your dads 80th and the chocolate board is such a unique. Bet you loved catching up with family . . . . .lesley x

  5. That's so cute! Brought a smile to my face and thought I should do this for my hubby as his birthday is coming up in March -- but wonder what I could get candy-wise for a diabetic guy. Time for the thinking cap as my hubby doesn't have much self-control when it comes to sweets. I like the outside of your card also -- "oldameter!" grin!


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